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Dr Robert Ryan Dundee

Dr Robert Ryan has established this blog to share information about a range of professional topics and related organisations, funding bodies and charities, as well as posts regarding his own individual hobbies and interests.

Professional Topics

The professional topics you will encounter within this blog revolve around the work of Dr Robert Ryan from Dundee, a microbiologist and medical writer. You will discover more about the complex world of molecular biology, which looks at biological activity on a cellular level including DNA interactions. Cell biology studies the functions and structures of cells and is essential for research into the combatting of diseases such as cancer. Biochemistry in turn focuses on the chemical processes that occur within all living matter, a diverse field that you can read more about here. There will also be posts exploring immunology, which specifically studies the human immune system.


Throughout his career, Dr Robert Ryan from Dundee has received various grants, fellowships, awards and accolades from several highly prestigious organisations and charities. These include the Lister Institute, the American Society for Micro-Biology, the Society for Applied Micro-Biology, the Royal Irish Academy, the Human Frontier Science Programme and the Marie Curie charity. You can find out more about what these bodies do within this blog.

Hobbies and Interests

Alongside serious professional subjects, this blog will also offer information about a variety of other topics related to the hobbies and interests of Dr Robert Ryan from Dundee. These include keeping fit by hiking and hill-walking; you can find out what the top health benefits of these activities are, as well as advice on how to get started. If mental agility is more your thing, you can discover some of the ways in which playing chess can give your brain a proper work-out. There will also be tips on public speaking from a man who has given more than 100 seminars throughout his career, helping even total beginners to put together effective presentations. Finally, you can read about the history of the Scout organisation, learn the history of cameras and photography and even discover some fascinating facts about astronomy.